Dan Corbin’s newly updated and revised edition of his memoir “Kiss of the Art Gods” is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Friends, artists, and book lovers, I’m offering the ebook copy of my memoir for a limited time for $8.00 at ebook retailers. The paperback is still reasonable at $16.00 and can be purchased on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/1619846594 and Barnes and Noble. If you like the book, please leave a no-sweat review.

Here are the links to other ebook retailers:

North State Public Radio Interview with Dan Corbin hosted by Nancy Wiegman describing his memoir http://mynspr.org/post/nancys-bookshelf-dan-corbin#stream/0


Here’s what folks have already said about the memoir, reviews:
“Wonderful” … “Beautiful” … “Honest” … “Heartfelt”
“The book is an interesting read…and ultimately simply beautiful.” “A tribute to the buoyancy of the human spirit.” “Corbin’s memoir infused with humor, features an unforgettable heart- rendering authenticity of life’s pivotal moments.” “A fresh look at American culture … skillfully delivered by the chisel of a master.” “Corbin’s memoir is not a leisurely picturesque art voyage, but a rough and tumble discovery of his inner self.”  “A hard-hitting expose not just for artists but all humanity.”

For full reviews, go to https://kissoftheartgods.com/reviews/



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