Leila Rodriguez Enterprise Record Book Review

Here’s one poster I used to promote my memoir, KISS OF THE ART GODS. Working the artist’s angle, I invited folks to a book signing and art opening at Butte college. “The human aspect of being a creator” is the caption of a one-page review written by Leila Rodriquez, entertainment editor for the Chico Enterprise Record. Leila captured in a single line what I sweated over for three years and 305 pages.

Dan Corbin 2 Sculptures to be Auctioned

Hi Everyone,
Here are photos of two of my sculptures up for auction at the Neal auction company in New Orleans. I took these photos 20 years ago when the work left my studio. The sculptures are from the estate of deceased artist George Rodrigue, the blue dog painter, who passed in 2013. He liked my work and purchased these choice sculptures from a California gallery in 1998 and 2001. The Neal auction company is going to have an auction on June 27th and 28th of fine art and other materials from estates, private collectors, and trade consignors. I am a outside party to the event and do not know the formalities. A sculpture from this series resold in California for $24,000 in 2015 and I received a check for 5% in accordance with the then active California royalties resale act. However a federal court has recently ruled that America’s artists are no longer entitled to receive royalties from auction resales. My desire is to get the pieces into happy homes, Thanks, Dan.Neal Auction Company Dan Corbin social med - Copy

Dan Corbin Book Signing At Barnes & Noble

Hi folks, In addition to book signing at Butte College, I will have a release October 20th at the Barnes & Noble in Chico, 2031 Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy. from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Guests can meet with artists and get their copy of Kiss of the Art Gods signed. Two large sculptures will also be on view at the signing.CORBIN 3.0